Massage can help clients de-stress, improve circulation and reduce pain.


Providing a massage treatment can be both beneficial to the client and the therapist leading into an incredibly rewarding career

Price: £350

Duration: 1 day 

Max students: 4 max

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The course will cover: 


  1. Introduction,reception,ventilation and consultation 

  2. The Cellular system

  3. The Muscular System

  4. Muscle positions and actions 1 

  5. Muscle positi

  6. ons and actions 2 

  7. The skeletal System Bone Structure 

  8. The Skeletal System Bone Position 

  9. The Circulatory System 

  10. The Lymphatic System 

  11. The Nervous System &The Endocrine System 

  12. The Respiratory System & The Digestive System 

  13. The skin 

  14. Contra-indications & Contra-actions 

  15. Preparing For Treatment 

  16. massage Technique 

  17. Perform Manual Massage 

  18. Front of legs 

  19. Hand and arm 

  20. Neck shoulder and chest 

  21. Abdominal & back of legs 

  22. Back and neck part 1 

  23. Back and neck part 2 

  24. Treatment adaptions& aftercare 

  25. Practice module

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